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YEAR TWO | APRIL 23, 2021

From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks, our world is full of adventure, mystery, and vibrance. The wonder of discovery ignites our imagination and gives us a glimpse into the majesty of God’s creation. Every book a child picks up provides this looking glass – a WINDOW ON THE WORLD and the first steps in a special educational journey.

Village Christian Elementary students will have even greater access to that joy with the official opening of their new library, the WOW Learning Center, following a special ribbon-cutting ceremony last month.

“I cannot wait for all the students to see this new space,” said Elementary Principal Margie Chespak. “They have peeked in the windows, gathered around whenever the door is open, and ‘ooh’d’ and ‘aah’d’ over their new library. In our overly digital world, having a place to curl up with a favorite book and sail away to a different land is an unimaginable gift. The educational adventures our students will experience in this space will change their lives forever.”

Following fundraising efforts championed by Elementary PTF and a generous donation from the La Pietra Foundation, construction on the WOW Learning Center began in spring 2020.

The new library can now accommodate full classes for in-room reading and learning. It is equipped with a beautiful large-screen Samsung UHD Smart TV for enhanced lessons as well as a wide variety of flexible seating options.

“We are so thankful for the generous support that made this much-needed project possible, especially in this difficult school year. “said Head of School Tom Konjoyan. “We cannot wait for our students to begin new and exciting journeys when they are in this beautiful new learning environment.”

A specially designed wall mural and “window” artwork add to the colorful charm and vivid excitement of this fresh and inviting new educational space.

We know the WOW Learning Center will have a tremendous impact on young students for generations to come, giving them incredible and valuable new views on the world around them.

Added Chespak: “I envision classes being taught here, group research happening around these tables, and most importantly, students discovering the joys of reading books.”

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