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Technology and educational needs are constantly evolving. From computers to presentation technology to infrastructure, upgrades and enhancements shape the marketplace at a rapid pace.

The last few years expedited that process.

In 2018 and 2019, Village Christian transitioned its Student Information System, incorporating Google Classroom and cloud-based technology. WiFi upgrades began and infrastructure hardware was procured.

In the story of God’s providence and our efforts to enhance the educational experience, our transition to online learning happened in the flip of a switch when shutdowns began in spring 2020.

Our technology use took a tremendous leap forward, yet still, our eyes must remain on the future. We are working to anticipate new potential needs, while sustaining the ever-increasing infrastructure burdens created by new technology.

In this final year of the Legacy Campaign, we are looking to replace our servers and provide staff members with new computers in alignment with last year’s campus-wide faculty computer upgrades.

Campus server replacement is long overdue, and to keep up with current – and growing – educational environment needs, it is essential.

We know God will continue to cover this school as we vigilantly prepare for the next unidentified challenges that will shape the legacy of Village Christian School.

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